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I think my Gran despaired of me ever having a sweetheart or having a man that I could love and be with even while having the complications from my "curse". I know she always thought that there was someone out there who she would deem worthy of me, but dating has always been pretty difficult for me.

Really, it's hard to have a relationship with someone when you can hear their every thought and know what they're thinking about you at any given point in time. When I couldn't control what I said out loud because of what I heard in my mind, it would be played off by people that I was crazy. It got to be really depressing and I had reconciled myself to the fact that I would never love anyone like Gran had loved Gramps. Unless I could get rid of my curse, then I wasn't going to have any kind of normal and peaceful relationship with a man.

Then I discovered something absolutely wonderful.

I couldn't hear the thoughts of vampires.

You have no idea how peaceful that was to sit and talk with someone and not be attacked by their every thought.

I also figured out that I couldn't read every thought when it came to weres or shapeshifters, either. I could pick up a lot of their thoughts, mostly surface ones, but not all of them. It was a relief.

No, I don't know what that means in regards to me ever having a sweetheart. Maybe I won't ever have one, still. Even though I have the Southern Gentleman wanting to court me again. And the really yummy and strong blond Viking. Not to mention there's the new werewolf I've met, and Sam being a shifter...

I guess I won't ever have a relationship with a non-supernatural, but maybe Gran won't be sad in Heaven about me being alone after all.

Muse: Sookie Stackhouse
Fandom: The Southern Vampire Mysteries
Words: 318
Disclaimer: I am not Sookie Stackhouse, nor am I Maggie Grace. Sookie is a character created by writer Charlaine Harris.


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